Blog #23- The Waiting Game

So first off, to all those who read this blog regularly I just want to say Thank You! I forgot to blog last week because my life started to pick back up again, and I had a lot of people ask me why I didn’t post anything. It was surprising to me to see that people actually read my blog and look out for it each week.

Life has reached a stand still. Ever since I’ve moved back from London, it has been a slow process of putting my life back together again, piece by piece. Unpacking all my stuff, distributing my clothes between my parents houses, getting a new phone set up, maxresdefaultreacquainting myself with the bus system in my region, getting a job to start bringing in some money, and finding new past times that I can do in the area that I live.

It’s been a slow process. I haven’t really lived at home since I was 18, so it’s also trying to find out how I fit into my family now as an adult, and how they fit into my life too. Now I’ve been back nearly a month and I have all the working pieces of a life again (job, place to live, food to eat), but it feels like I am waiting- waiting for the next great thing to happen. Waiting for my life to become my life again.

oh-the-places-you-ll-go-dr-seuss-screenshot-3I’ve been so used to being on the go, 24/7 for the past few years that I’ve never really had a break. The last two months in London were the longest breaks I’ve ever had. It was great, and truly needed, but now I’m ready to hop off this island and get back to the real world. The world that I’ve been preparing for. The one with a good job that I like, an apartment to call my own, a circle of friends to surround myself with, and things to do and see when I want to do them and see them.

Now I’m not the kind of person to sit around and wait for these things to happen, I am putting the right pieces together, laying the right track to make them happen, but it takes time and luck. So for right now, I just have to sit back and be patient…. the thing I’m worst at for sure. We will see where things go, and see how they turn out. Yes, I know, everything happens for a reason- sometimes it just takes longer for it to all happen.


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