Blog #24- The Next Big Adventure

Remember when I said I was waiting, and felt as though life was at a stand still? Just waiting, so impatiently waiting? Well, that’s over and done with, and I’ve been on hyper speed for the past week because I am on the horizon of my next great, big adventure!!!!

Ready for it? Well for starters, I FINALLY landed a job…. in a head office…. in the fashion retail industry…. in Marketing!!!!!! I went to school for business, and focused my degree on marketing. I always wanted to work in marketing for a fashion retailer, and I finally did it, I finally landed an entry level job in my desired field!!!!!

Want to know something even cooler than that? The head office is in Montreal. I’m montreal 1moving to Montreal!!!!!! When you may ask? Well in 7 days!!!!! That’s right 7 days. My life went to flat out boring and routine to driving in the fast lane. Finding a place to live, booking a moving truck, packing up my life yet again.

This time, it just feels right. It feels like things have fallen in to place the way they were meant to. I have a job that I truly think I will love and be good at, I am able to finally have my own apartment, and I get to live and explore a new city, in a part of Canada that I’ve really never been too.

I am excited to explore Montreal for it offers a new city vibe, with an old European influence. Around the old city you could easily be confused with some parts of France, but the newer side of the city offers the same amenities and excitement that Toronto does. And just in case you are wondering, Oui je parle francais! I went to French immersion as a child, so once I get there my French will hopefully carry me through until I get enough practice in for it to be back up to par.

Montreal is well known for all it’s wonderful delicious food options. Most famous of montreal 3montreal 4course is poutine, and then you can’t forget about the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. I was fortunate enough to find a place in the Greek town section- which is great for me considering I love Greek food more than anything.

I am so looking forward to a new start, new adventure, new job, and a new opportunity to live the life after graduation I thought I would have. It may have taken longer to get to, but hopefully it was worth the wait. Everything happens for a reason, and hopefully this next adventure will bring on all sorts of challenges, experiences, and exciting opportunities.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been jumping up and down with excitement for a few days now, so excuse the excessive use of explanation marks !!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!montreal


Illusions provided by Alexandra Finkeldey. To see more, instagram: scatterbee and shop her new redbubble collection here: 


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