Blog #25- On My Way

So as I write this I am still waiting for my moving truck to come and pick up my belongings. They gave me a slot between 12-4pm today, and it’s 7:30pm….. still waiting……oh well.

Tomorrow is the day myself, and a few members of my family drive roughly 5 hours to my new home in Montreal, Quebec. We have a busy, but fun week ahead of us as they moving 2help me settle into my new city. We arrive tomorrow where I pick up my keys and see my place for the first time. I’ve only seen in on FaceTime and in pictures so far. Many people wonder why I would take the risk and sign without physically seeing it, and the reason is because after what I lived in for the first few months in London, and how I had to find a place there- this place can’t be even close to that bad. I guess London taught me how to just make the best out of whatever I end up in, so if this new apartment sucks- I will just make the best of it.

On Wednesday, my furniture arrives and I finally get to move it all in. We will spend a good portion of the day unpacking boxes and setting a few things up. For the next moving 42.5days we will just spend time exploring Montreal and all it has to offer. When my family leaves on Friday, I will get the chance to finally be on my own (YAY), but completely on my own (double YAY). I can’t wait to have my independence back and just live my life how I want to.

This time around, I am way less nervous and less anxious, and I think this has to do with a few key things. For starters, I’m not in a new country, and I don’t need a visa to work there. Although England was an English speaking country, there were still many adjustments to their culture I had to make to get by- like how busy it is all the time, or how they go about their business.

Secondly, I’m not too far away from home. This time around I can go home for a weekend if I need some TLC, and it won’t cost me a fortune. London would have taken an 8 hour plane ride and at least $1000. Montreal is a 4.5 hour train ride and about $150.

Thirdly, I think I am going into this more confident than I was this time last year. Although London was fun, it was so challenging. It broke me down, and took me forever to build me back up- hell I’m still recovering in some ways. This time around I know what I can handle, I know my limits, but I know how much I can push myself and how to pick myself up when I fall next.

Lastly, it just seems right. When the opportunity came around to go to London, it felt like it was something I had to do. I had been fantasizing about for so long that I couldn’t not moving 3take the opportunity to go, even if there were some red flags. This time, everything seems to be working out and I actually 100% want to go, want the job I got, and want to live in the apartment and city I am going to.

All signs seem to point to a go, it all seems right and that makes me excited….. now only if this stupid moving truck would show up already (it’s still not here at 7:51pm)!


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