Blog #26- Goal Setter, Goal Getter

I have officially spent my first weekend in my own apartment, and let me tell you- it was lovely. This is the first time I’ve ever lived on my own and had my own space. It’s a new gg5type of independence as I have no one else around to consider, or respect their space, but at the same time I have no one who is expecting the same from me.

I move to Montreal to start a new job, and I officially start tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to it as it is a job right in the field I want, and doing something I think I will really enjoy. I will be a marketing coordinator for a maternity clothing company, which is super cool to me. I always wanted to be in marketing, and I wanted to work for a clothing company, so this is really a dream come true.

I was taking a nice long bath in my new, no boys allowed bathroom the other day, when I realized something really cool. When I started with the retail store I was working for in London, they made us set out personal, professional, and health goal for 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. The realization I had, was that I’ve officially completed a goal in each category on my one year plan.

Here were my goals:


  • Live in London for a year- DONE
  • Blog once a week for a year straight- just and FYI this is #26 which means I’m half way through


  • Get an entry level job marketing job for a retail fashion brand- CHECK


  • Run a 5k- DID ITthe end may 2
  • Overcome my anxiety- Work in progress but on the right track!

I just think that it’s kind of cool that we are a little more than half way through the year now and I’ve done so much! I guess it goes to show that when you write it down, and you focus on what you want, you really can make it happen.

Back to Montreal

gg2I spent most of my weekend setting up my new place, and I have to say, it looks pretty sweet! I had some initial concerns when I moved into the building as I was not told about a few things, but my parents and I worked hard to overcome the objections we had, and now my apartment feels safe and homie. gg3

It’s located in the middle of Greek Town, which I LOVE since Greek food is my all time favourite. It is close to many stores, malls, parks, libraries and transit. The best part for me, is that it’s close to my office for work, only about a 25 minute bus ride!

I find it’s very modern, lots of natural light, updated kitchen, hardwood floors throughout, and a bathroom that I love!

Work Tomorrow!

I think that with every time you start a new job, a little bit of the nerves start to set in the night before, and as I am currently writing this, I feel a little nervous right now.

For me, it comes in the form of wanting to prove one’s self. I want to ensure my company that they picked the right person for the job. That I can surpass their expectations, and that I am work every penny they are paying me.

I also want to prove it to myself. This is the first real, full time, adult job that is in my field that I have been offered after graduating a year ago. I did well in all my marketing classes at school, and I love talking, learning, and immersing myself in the retail world- God knows I love to shop, but I have never really had a chance to prove it to myself. That I can use my degree to do what I love, and do it well. So yeah, I’m a little nervous for tomorrow, and the few days that follow, but you need to have a first day to get to started.

Wish me luck!


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